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Quadra & Coll’s team of seasoned attorneys has spearheaded and significantly contributed to a multitude of class action lawsuits, distinguishing themselves as primary legal representatives and advisors. Their expansive portfolio encompasses a broad spectrum of cases, notably in the realms of Employment Violations, where they have tirelessly advocated for the rights and fair treatment of workers against unlawful employment practices. In the arena of Consumer Protection, Quadra & Coll has diligently defended consumers, ensuring they receive justice and compensation for damages resulting from deceptive, fraudulent, or unsafe business conduct. Their expertise in Antitrust Claims has seen them challenging monopolistic behaviors and anti-competitive practices, aiming to restore equitable competition and secure redress for those adversely affected. Additionally, their relentless pursuit of justice in cases of Unfair Business Practices has safeguarded the integrity of the market and protected both consumers and businesses from unethical and predatory actions. Through their dedicated and expert legal representation, Quadra & Coll continues to make a significant impact, championing the cause of those wronged by corporate misconduct and legal violations.

We specialize in representing groups harmed by monopolistic behaviors and anti-competitive practices, striving to restore fair competition and secure compensation for damages caused.
Our firm champions the rights of consumers, taking on cases against companies that engage in unsafe, fraudulent, or deceptive practices to ensure justice and compensation for those affected.
We advocate for workers' rights, leading class actions against employers who violate labor laws, ensuring fair treatment and rightful compensation for employees.
We fight against unethical business conduct, representing consumers and competitors harmed by unjust, deceptive, or predatory practices, to achieve restitution and promote fair business standards.

Civil Litigation

Business Disputes
Civil Rights
Constitutional Law
Contract Disputes
Coordination with Litigation Counsel in Spanish-Speaking Countries
False Claims
Financial Elder Abuse
Intellectual Property
Interference with Prospective Business Advantage
Legal Malpractice
Real Estate
Unfair Business Practices

Divorce Mediation Advice

Spousal Support

Spousal Support

Child Custody and Support

Compassionate and expert legal support to navigate the complexities of Child Custody and Support cases.
Property Division

Property Division


Quadra & Coll’s attorneys have acted as lead counsel on numerous injury cases for Catastrophic Injury, Child Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, Elder Abuse, Mass Torts, Municipal Tort Liability, Products Liability, Wrongful Death

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